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These are the 4 keys to staying healthy indoors this summer

No gym access and no beach bod motivation- how are we supposed to stay healthy while we’re stuck indoors? We’ve got you your back with these 4 ways to maintain your physical, emotional and mental health this summer!

1. Exercise

Yes, we know, we can’t go to the gym either. But that doesn’t mean that gym can’t come to us! GymNation offers free access to over 800 classes online, which means you can still workout from your own home. Plus, you can always take up their special membership offer later.

2. Embrace the sun

We have no shortage of it here in Dubai, but not all sun is good for you. As a rule of thumb, get some sun during peak selfie hours, i.e., somewhere between 5 and 6 pm. Your body will be grateful for the vitamin D, which will improve both your mood and your immune system.

3. Schedule self-soothing time

When we’re put under stress, we naturally use self-soothing strategies to cope. Although the occasional extra KitKat is fine, make sure you don’t over-indulge in unhealthy foods and drinks. Adopt healthy strategies like meditation or listening to music.

4. Maintain a healthy sleep cycle

We know we sound like every mom right now, but we promise it makes a HUGE difference. Practice good sleep hygiene, making sure your room is cool, dark, and quiet. If you live with loud roommates, tune them out with an eye mask and some earplugs- we hear your exclusive ISIC offer can get you some at Lifestyle.

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