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How to attract recruiters with the perfect LinkedIn profile

Standing out on LinkedIn is no joke, but if you focus on these 9 suggestions from our partners at Kickresume, you can create the ideal profile that will land you a job.

1. Prepare a strong headline

It’s the first thing people are going to read on your LinkedIn profile. Use the 120 characters at the top of the page to share with the world what you want to do. You could write something on the line of “Ajman University honors student and aspiring lawyers” or “Public relation students seeking broadcast internship”.

2. Use a captivating summary

In 3-5 paragraphs, summarize what you have to offer – your main qualifications, skills and goals. This where you tell the story you want to tell. Just think of it the opening statement of your cover letter. Find here some helpful examples.

3. Keywords are key

Your headline, summary and your entire profile must contain relevant keywords. You need to make sure your profile is easy to find.

4. Choose an appropriate picture

Use a headshot in which you’re looking straight ahead. You need to look professional, pleasant but also approachable. Don’t use selfies, filters and cropped out pictures.

5. Complete your profile

LinkedIn says your profile will pop up 40 times more in search results if it’s complete. What makes a profile complete?

– Your industry

– Your location

– The current position you are holding (with a description)

– At least two past positions

– Your education

– Your skills (minimum of 3)

– A profile photo

– At least 50 connections

6. Include relevant experience

Have you done volunteer charity work? Attended major conferences? Helped at your student’s council? Worked as an intern? Consider all of these as a regular work experience for your LinkedIn profile. According to a Linkedin Survey, 41% of members surveyed consider volunteer work just as valuable as paid work.

7. Complete students sections

LinkedIn has sections designed specifically for students, such as Courses, Projects, Certifications, and Organizations. Take advantage of these.

8. Get recommendations

Ask your teachers, professors, coaches, contacts from volunteer work experiences, or employer from your internship. As a student, you have no authority yet. Let others do the bragging for you.

9. Be active and visible

Get connected with industry leaders, write or share interesting articles on your profiile, engage yourself in relevant topics. Did you know that they are people who got hired via LinkedIn just by commenting a post? Pretty simple, right?



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