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How to make sure your resume fit in one page

Many experts argue that your resume should be one page, especially if you are looking for an internship or an entry-level position.

Find out here 5 tips from the Kickresume team to fit your resume in just one page.

1. Adjust formatting

You can combine a few suggestions while keeping the readability of your one-page resume: reduce the size of page margins, use a slightly smaller font (ideally 11pt) and adjust the line spacing.

2. Group some information together

Not every piece of information deserves its own line on your resume. For example, instead of typing “Email: info@studentcard.org” simply write info@www.mystudentcard.org, followed by other contact information. You would be able to fit all your contact details in one line.

3. Use columns to save space

Have a look here how the most attractive resume use column-based layout. Columns allow you to structure your resume both vertically and horizontally and they will raise your prospect of getting an interview!

4. Avoid repetitions

Try to remove similar achievements in your resume. By listing your responsibility multiple times you risk wasting useful space. It’s more efficient to share a concise list of noteworthy accomplishments from your previous job.

5. Skip non-relevant information

If your resume still doesn’t fit in the one page after the tips above, you are going to have to cut some more stuff:

  • High school diploma should only be included if you are still in school or if it is your highest level of education.
  • Work experience from a decade ago is most likely not relevant today.
  • If your hobbies are not associated with your target position, you are better off deleting your interest section.
  • Remove your soft skills, they should be noticeable from your achievements.
  • Don’t include your picture.

Did you know that recruiters spend only around 6 seconds on each resume? That’s why your resume needs to be short and have maximum relevancy and readability.

If you need help with your resume, get your free premium access for six months at Kickresume as an ISIC member!

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