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Still stuck at home? Here are 4 ways to fight the boredom!

Its been almost two months since universities closed, and we are already so bored! Running out of ideas on how to stay sane in self-isolation? We’ve got you covered with these 4 fun ways to spend your time while stuck at home!

1. Get Artsy!

Remember how fun art class was in kindergarten? Rediscover that joy by following some simple tutorials on YouTube. Try your hand at some basic origami, doodle in your notebook, or create a masterpiece with some paint. To make it extra special, dedicate to someone a friend or family member.

2. Make Some Music

That old guitar that’s been in your room forever? Dust it off and practice! That song you’ve been meaning to learn the lyrics to? Sing like no one’s listening! Everyone has musicality, and all this time at home gives you the chance to explore yours. And hey, if your inner musician decides to stay on a little longer, you always have that discount on your student card!

3. Have a Party

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t still party! Get the squad together on a video conference and plan some fun activities. You could have a game night using apps like Plato, host a movie night with the Netflix Party extension, or just use it as an excuse for everybody to dress up. ‘All dressed up and nowhere to go’ no more!

4. Spring Cleaning

Let’s be real, it’s more like summer cleaning at this point, but the sentiment remains. Use this time to Marie Kondo your room- clean out your wardrobe, get rid of old papers, and take a long hard look into that drawer. While the process may not be as fun, believe us, the end result will definitely spark joy.


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