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Mark your calendars for these 4 awesome holidays this month!

Save the dates- these holidays range from the yearly usual to the delightfully eccentric. Find out the best way to celebrate these fun holidays in Dubai (featuring some special surprises just for you). Let’s make the best of this blistering month!

1. May 4th- Star Wars Day

Totally geek out, you must. This is a day for all Star Wars fanboys and fangirls to show their love for the franchise and proclaim, “May the fourth be with you” (get it?)! A day at the movies might be appropriate for this holiday, and whaddaya know, you’ve got that all worked out.

2. May 6th – International No-Diet Day

Beach bod where? First celebrated in 1992, this day is dedicated to loving your body squish and all. That influencer on your feed with the ‘perfect’ body can keep their fit tea- today is the day for you to eat, drink and be merry! Whatever cuisine you’re in the mood for, you can be sure your card’s got your back.

3. May 10th – Mother’s Day

They consoled us when we failed, kept us grounded when we succeeded and taught us right from wrong. We love our moms, and this is the perfect holiday to show the most amazing woman in your life some love. With your special privileges, a spa day could be just what the doctor ordered for Mum.

4. May 13th – International Hummus Day

Ah, the humble hummus. We don’t think anyone in Dubai needs reminding to sing the praises of this culinary masterpiece, but it sure is nice to have a day specially dedicated to it. You can celebrate this holiday by doing just what we all here do best- eat hummus!

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