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10 memes only students in Dubai will understand

There are a few things that make college life truly unique- more so if you live in Dubai. Braving 40-degree summers to get that lab credit is no joke, my dudes! Here are some memes that you can relate to spiritually.

1. Dubai summers ain’t nothing to mess with.


2. Honestly, bless these professors.


3. The Holy Grail of shawarma places in the city.


4. You can probably get that outfit for waaay less. Cha-ching!


5. What is it with my phone and campus Wi-Fi?!


6. Not saying that we don’t also get some for ourselves.


7. Less time in class = more time to SLEEP.


8. That blessed time when the professor finally says it’s okay.


9. Why. Just why.


10. We have achieved comedy

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