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Terms and Conditions of ISIC, ITIC and IYTC card use

I. Introduction

I. 1. The purpose of this document, “Terms of Use of Cards and Cards”, is a complete and clear regulation of the conditions of use of GTS ALIVE ME Cards and Cards issued in the United Arab Emirates.

I. 2. These Rules apply to the following Passes and Cards:

I. 2.1. ISIC, International Student Identity Card,
I. 2.2. ISIC SCHOLAR, International Scholar Identity Card,
I. 2.3. IYTC, International Youth Travel Card,
I. 2.4. ITIC, International Teacher Identity Card,
I. 2.5. ALIVE student, ALIVE employee and ALIVE graduate,

I. 3. These Rules describe the terms and conditions for the use of Passes and Cards in the United Arab Emirates.
I. 4. The use of discounts abroad is governed by the conditions of the providers abroad and the relevant legal regulations.
I. 5. Each Cardholder is required to use the Discounts in accordance with these Rules. All Cardholders are aware of these Rules prior to purchase of the Cards and are required to comply with these Rules.
I. 6. These Rules are effective from January 1, 2018.
I. 7. These Rules were issued by GTS ALIVE ME DMCC, with registered address: DMCC Business Centre, Unit No: 3928, Jewellery & Gemplex 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, license number: DMCC-073822. GTS ALIVE is entitled to change these Rules. The change is effective on the third day after publication. Please follow these Rules regularly.

II. Definition

GTS ALIVE ME DMCC defined as the publisher of these Rules in Article 1.
Rules are defined in these Rules of Use of Passes and Cards.
Terms and Conditions are understood to be the Terms of use of Cards and Passes and are published on www.studentcard.ae.
Policy Principle means the Principles of Personal Data Protection you can find on www.studentcard.ae.
Business Terms are understood to be the Business Terms for Online Ordering that you can find here.
Web Website https://www.studentcard.ae.
Identity Card means any ISIC, ISIC Scholar, ITIC, IYTC card, Alive Card, ALIVE student, ALIVE employee and ALIVE graduate, which may be issued by a university or school, GTS ALIVE or another authorized distributor pursuant to these Rules.
CardCardholder means any Cardholder of valid Identity Card.
Benefit provider is a provider of goods or services or further specified sales channels who is interested in providing a benefit in the form of a discount or other added value to the Cardholders.

III. General rules of use

III. 1. Passes and Cards may only be used by the Cardholders who have obtained them on the basis of a duly filled-in GTS ALIVE Card application from, an authorized representative or an authorized distributor of Cards.
III. 2. Authorized representative may only be the companies listed here.
III. 3. An authorized publisher or Distributor of Cards may only be an academic partner or companies authorized by GTS ALIVE for collection of Applications, processing and issuing of Cards for the territory of the United Arab Emirates.
III. 4. The Cardholder is not entitled to either duplicate or copy a License or a Card.
III. 5. The Cardholder who finds the Card or Card is obliged to pass it on to the authorized publisher or GTS ALIVE.
III. 6. The Cardholder may contact GTS ALIVE with his / her requests, queries or other suggestions here: E-mail: info (at) isic.ae.
III. 7. The Cardholder who decides not to continue to use the Card or Pass, undertakes to do the following:
III. 7.1. One-time Card:
The Cardholder is obliged to send a written notice addressed to the GTS ALIVE headquarters and attach the relevant one-time Pass. Termination can not be linked to conditions. The Cardholder is not obliged to state the reasons for the notice.
The Cardholder acknowledges that once the testimony is delivered, it can not be taken back and the Card will be shredded. The Cardholder is not entitled to keep a copy of the Card or to use any data from the Card.
III. 7.2. Academic Card:
The Cardholder is obliged to follow the academic partner’s internal regulations and their compliance. All information will be provided to the Cardholder Admission department or other authorized personnel at the academic partner issuing the Cards

IV. Cards, Passes and it’s specifications

IV. 1.1. ISIC, basic description
ISIC (International Student Identity Card) is the only internationally recognized student identity card verifying the student status providing Cardholders with access to Benefits.
ISIC Card can be issued to a student of secondary and higher level of education with minimal age of 12 years at the time of application.
ISIC Scholar Card is a version of ISIC card issued to students of primary schools.
There are two basic types of ISIC Cards – a one-time ISIC Card that might be purchased online or through the network of Authorized Distributors or Publishers. The vast majority of ISIC Cards issued in the United Arab Emirates ISIC Academic Cards. ISIC Academic Cards are issued directly by Academic Partner cooperating on issuance of ISIC Cards to their students. The validity of the Academic ISIC Card may be renewed every year directly by the cooperating Academic partner.
Academic ISIC Cards might include an electronic chip that serves students to solve practical tasks during their studies (access to the buildings, use in canteens, photo copy machines, library card, and much more).
Prices of Academic ISIC Card may vary as per the Academic Partner’s internal Terms and Conditions.
IV. 1.2. Validity
a The validity of the one-time ISIC Card.
The one-time ISIC Card is valid for a fixed period of time with validity starting in September till December following year (e.g: 09/2018 – 12/2019). Customers applying for one-time ISIC Cards in September will be able to leverage the use of the Cards for up to 16 months. Customer applying for one-time ISIC Cards any time after September will be able to leverage the usage of the Card till the defined expiry date in December following year. A new validity cycle starts always from September.
If an ISIC Card is purchased on a online or via Authorized Distributors of Publishers, validity of such ISIC Card can not be extended. At the same time, this type of ISIC Card can not be used as a school pass, nor can it be activated for any other purpose.
b Validity of the Academic ISIC Card
The Academic ISIC Card is valid for a maximum of 16 months, respectively, always from 1 September (beginning of the school year) until 31 December of the following year. The validity of Academic ISIC Card may be renewed annually by purchasing a revalidation sticker provided by the Academic partner.
Validity of Academic ISIC Card might be defined as Extended validity of ISIC Card for a period of up to 3 years, such Cards are issued directly by the Academic Partner and are subject of fulfilling the student status annual confirmation.
Only valid ISIC Cards can provide access to Benefits.
c Validity of financial co-branded ISIC cards
The validity of financial combined co-braded ISIC Cards are defined as per validity co-brand partners product terms and conditions.
IV. 1.3. Rules obtaining and using ISIC Cards
An ISIC, International Student Identity Card can be obtained by students of formal courses of secondary and higher level of education, vocational and vocational higher education, namely schools and academics recognized, licensed or accredited by the Ministry or Education and Ministry of Higher Education of the United Arab Emirates. Applicant must be of 12 years old and above. The minimum or upper age limit for obtaining ISIC is not set. An ISIC card may also be issued to a student aged over 26 if he is enrolled and study. Students under the age of 16 must have an application approved and signed by their legal representative or guardian.
Only valid ISIC Cards provide access to Benefits.
IV. 2. IYTC, International Youth Travel Card
IV. 2.4. IYTC Card, basic description
IYTC, International Youth Travel Card, is an International Youth Pass. It is valid in more than 130 countries and brings many benefits and discounts to its owners. The IYTC card may be issued to an applicant who has not reached the age of 30 on the day of the application.
IV. 2.5. Validity
The validity of the issued IYTC Card is 12 months from the month of issue.
IV. 3. ITIC, International Teacher Identity Card
IV. 3.6. Basic specifications
The ITIC, International Teacher Identity Card, is the only world-recognized proof of teacher and academic employee providing access to various discounts for travel, culture, sports and leisure. ITIC is intended for pedagogical and academic staff of all types of educational institutions.
IV. 3.7. Validity
The validity of the ITIC copies the academic year and with validity cycle starting in September till December the following year (example: 09/2018 – 12/2019). ITIC cards issued in September will be valid up to 16 months, ITIC cards purchased any time after will have a fixed expiry date at the end of validity cycle in December.
IV. 3.8. Rules for obtaining and using ITIC
The ITIC Card can be obtained by any teacher or academic employee working in all types of institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates.

V. Loss of Card

V. 1. Loss of one-time Pass
The GTS ALIVE must be reported in the GTS ALIVE as soon as possible. The Duplicate of a one-time Pass is not issued, and if the Cardholder is interested in issuing a new Pass, he / she has the option of ordering a new Pass Online or through an agent network of GTS ALIVE agents. The issuance of a new Pass is subject to a standard fee (current price of the Pass).
V. 2. Lost School Card
The Cardholder is obliged to report the loss of the School Card to the academic partner that issued the ISIC/ITIC card at earliest. The issue of the new Card or duplicate is governed by the internal regulations of the school / institution.
V. 3. Finding a Card
If any Card or Card is found, please contact GTS ALIVE ME DMCC, or the academic partner listed on the Card.
VI. Terms of benefit and discount provision
Receiving and provision of discounts to Cards is the subject of these terms and conditions. Please review these terms thoroughly before you start using the Card.
Some discounts or benefits can only be associated with specified type Cards. A complete list of discounts and benefits can be found in the “discount database” here. Each Benefit is listed along with information about: Benefit partners Name or Brand, address, availability and benefit definition. Only valid Cards avail access to Discounts.

VI. Discounts and benefits

VI. 1. Discount provision means leveraging a direct price discount or other form of added value provided to the Cardholder when obtaining, using or purchasing a product or service by the Benefit partner.
Benefit Partner means an individual, company or organisation providing Discount to Cardholder.
Usage of Benefits might be restricted by: type of Cards, number of uses by Cardholder within specified time or duration of time, age of the Cardholder or others. Unless stated otherwise Discounts do not accumulate and cannot be combined with other discounts or offers provided by the Benefit Partner, Discounts are not applicable for already discounted products or services, or internal regulations of Benefit partner.
Cardholder is obliged to check the conditions of benefit provision before applying for the discount at Benefit Partner. Updated list of Benefit partner and Discounts is listed on website www.isic.ae. Discounts can be provided at both physical points of sale, online (via the Internet), or other forms. There are several types of discounts and benefits that can be provided by Benefit Partner; percental discount from total bill, percental discount on selected products or services, special offers, such as 1+1, 3for2, added value such as free up-size, or Free products or services provided with regular purchase.
At least one of the shoppers must be a valid the Cardholder at the time of application for discount, payment for products or services.
The exact specification of all discounts and benefits is listed in the discount database here.
VI. 2. Discount database
Discount database is a unique list / overview of all discounts and benefits that you can obtain with a valid Card in the United Arab Emirates.
The Discount database is available in the DISCOUNT section on website www.isic.ae. GTS ALIVE ME DMCC is not responsible for up-to-date listing of International Discounts benefit database. The Discount database for UAE is regularly updated. The Discount database listing may change, it is recommended to check for updates.
VI. 3. Conditions for obtaining a discount / benefits
Discounts may only be granted to the Cardholders of the valid ISIC / IYTC / ITIC / ISIC SCHOLAR Cards.
Discounts can be used repeatedly, unless specified otherwise. Providers may set rules restricting the frequency of use (eg number of uses per day, one branch, one action, etc.) Information about such restrictions is always given in the Discount database, communicated upon request by the Benefit Partner/Provider.
The Cardholder must inform the Benefit Partner, Provider or the staff about the intent to use and apply for a Discount prior applying, obtaining or purchasing a service or product. Any later request for a Discount may be refused by the Benefit Partner/Provider.
GTS ALIVE assumes no liability or guarantee for any goods or services that the Cardholder uses, obtains or purchases by the Benefit Partner/ Provider. Therefore, all claims, rights of liability for defects and other rights are invoked solely and exclusively by the Benefit partner/Provider. GTS is not responsible for granting a discount / benefit in cases where the discount was not granted on the grounds that the Provider has ceased his activity or can not provide a Discount / benefit for another serious reason.
VI. 4. Eligibility control by the Benefit Partner/Provider
In order to benefit from the discount, the Provider is entitled (before, during and after the purchase) to check the validity of the Card for its use in the following ways:
• Visual inspection of the photograph and validity of the Card on that day;
• Electronic check of the validity of the Card on the given day (remotely, manually, based on the License / Card or chip license number or other Provider verification tool serving primarily to check the validity of the Card).
During the inspection, the Provider is authorized to process only the following data for the sole purpose of verification:
• card license number
• validity of the Card
• the name and surname of the Cardholder
• student status
• the age of the Cardholder
• and other personal information needed to provide a discount
The Provider is not entitled to:
• Copy, photograph or otherwise visually record the Cardholder’s License / Card
• Publish information about the Card / Cardholder;
• Save or record such records in special lists.
Multiple use of discounts or benefits by the same Cardholder in one event where the discount or benefit can be used only once (or otherwise restricted) is forbidden.
VI. 5. ISIC Information Flyer
The ISIC Information Flyer is a published information brochure on discounts and benefits that each new Cardholder receives with a newly issued Card / revalidation stamp. The information in this brochure is valid from the date of publication of the brochure and may therefore not be valid for the entire duration of its distribution. In particular, the validity of discounts must be verified in the updated discount database here before their planned use.
VI. 6. Complaint
In the event that the discount / the benefit is not granted, the Cardholder is entitled to claim this fact directly with the Provider (the owner of the company, the manager of the facility, the authorized worker) and request its proper provision.
If the discount / benefit is not properly provided (in accordance with the specification in the updated discounts database) even after a claim at the Provider, the Cardholder is entitled to request GTS ALIVE (the official Licensed Distributor of Cards / Cards in the United Arab Emirates) to investigate the Provider’s procedure. To do so, you can send an e-mail to info (at) studentcard.ae
VI. 7. Procedure for not granting discount / benefits
a. A valid Card was submitted by its Cardholder, the conditions for obtaining a discount / benefits were met but the discount / benefit was not granted to the Cardholder
The Cardholder collects the following data and then sends it immediately to info (at) studentcard.ae:
• date and time
• the name of the provider and the address of the point of sale
• a copy of the receipts for a purchased product / service for which the discount was not recognized by the Cardholder, but nevertheless it was purchased by him / her.
b. the valid Card was presented by its Cardholder, the conditions for obtaining a discount / benefit have been met but the discount / benefit has been provided / offered to the Cardholder in a different way from the information provided in the discount database. The Cardholder collects the following data and then sends it immediately to the info (at) studentcard.ae:
• date and time
• the name of the provider the address of the place of sale
• the name of the person (vendor, operator, etc.) who provided different discount information
• discounted discount information
• a copy of the purchased product / service receipt for which a different discount was recognized by the Cardholder but nevertheless it was purchased by him / her.
c. The Cardholder discovers that the discount / benefit is not provided without requesting a discount / benefit, respectively. the Cardholder may at any time inform GTS ALIVE at info (at) studentcard.ae

VII. Final provisions

VII. 1. By acquiring a Card, all Cardholders agree to comply with these Rules.
VII. 2. These Rules are available at GTS ALIVE.
VII. 3. GTS ALIVE is not responsible for the loss, damage or destruction of Passes or Cards. The Cardholder is required to protect and secure the Card.
VII. 4. GTS ALIVE reserves the right to amend these Rules if necessary.
VII. 5. GTS ALIVE is not responsible for providing incorrect or inaccurate information, nor for the completeness of these Terms, which may be published in promotional materials or for printing errors.
VII. 6. GTS ALIVE is not responsible for any technical or telecommunication difficulties or defects caused by the wear and tear of the Card, the speed of the technical connection or any other deficiencies, including the possible non-delivery of electronic mail and the damage that could occur on the computer or other devices of the Cardholder or any other person . GTS ALIVE is also not responsible for not granting a discount / benefits due to technical failure or congestion of the network.
VII. 7. GTS ALIVE reserves the right to review all conditions for the provision of the Card and, in the event of a dispute, to assess and ultimately decide on any claim, including the right to exclude any Cardholder from the use of the Card
VII. 8. GTS ALIVE cautions that any intentional attempt to damage any GTS ALIVE website or disrupt the functionality of Passwords or Cards may qualify as a violation of applicable law and may also, among other things, create the GTS ALIVE right to compensation for damages.